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Factory Layout

The Nante factory is privately owned by the Jiangxi Nante Construction Machinery Co established in 1980, it is located in Jing'an county within the developing province of Jiangxi in the south of China. Nante specializes in the design and development of medium and mini excavators and all associated spare parts.

The factory covers an area of 450'000 m2 has over 600 employees and is certified with ISO:2000 (registered 2001), and full CE approval (2005)

Production Line

All production is carried out on European style production lines, to achieve maximum production, quality control and safe working environments for all employee's.

Production Line

Lines of demarcation are clearly defined, to provide both control and safety at all times.

Fabrication Shop

All metal work fabrication is carried out on site with a dedicated team of metal workers welders, painters and control supervisors.


All machines are subjected to in house testing, this is a stringent process that is closely monitored.


Testing does not just mean digging some dirt but will involve the checking, regulating and controlling of all the major components of the machine. It is only after this stringent system and high standard of quality control based on European standards that the machines will enter the dispatch area.

Quality Control

All machines have stringent quality control at all stages of manufacture.

Stock Ready

On completion of in house testing and quality control, the finished machines are moved into the dispatch holding area for final checks by a European technician.

Factory Expansion

The Nante factory is just completing on a massive expansion to the production lines to provide each size machine with its own production line to improve quality control and speed up production time.


Video 1 & 2 NT08 / NT16 testing
All machines are subjected to stringent testing prior to delivery, this includes heat testing, hydraulic testing, engine management, tracking and digging amongst many others.

Video 3 NT18 line 1
Each size of machine is manufactured and assembled on its own dedicated production line, this is to prevent cross contamination and speed up production times.

Video 4 European technician briefing 1
Nante Europe supplies European engineers and technicians on a full time basis to ensure the continual progression of all products entering the European Union are up to and beyond the standards required by our customers.

Video 5 European technician briefing 2
By having our own staff permanently based at the Nante factory we can provide the factory with the feedback from the customers that they need to progress the brand and also provide the link to the customers for modifications, upgrades and product development that is essential in the making of a successful brand.